Lou Fellingham Releases Acoustic Version of 'Bring It All to Jesus'

AdvertJun 07 2020

Lou Fellingham has released a new acoustic version of her song 'Bring It All To Jesus', initially presented on her last album, 'Made For You'. As an internationally known worship leader recognised for her prophetic edge and unwavering energy to see lives changed through the power of the Gospel - Lou shines a new light on the caring nature of our Lord in 'Bring It All To Jesus'. You can check out the live video for this song below.

"Often we are robbed in life because we think we have to have everything 'in order' before we can come to Jesus. We can't possibly let Jesus know what we're really thinking and feeling. Fear, worry, anxiety, shame, regret, loneliness are just a few things we can face. Some of us more regularly than others. Jesus invites us to come as we are, leave those burdens on Him and live in the peace and victory that He has won.

Through HIS life, death and resurrection darkness has been overcome. (John 1:5) We all know that darkness tries to creep in. Tells us to be afraid, tells us no one cares, or that we're alone. Maybe even tells us we are not welcome. This is simply not true. Once we belong to Him, we are His forever! There is nothing that He has not overcome. Jesus cares, Jesus is always with us and when we bring our trouble to Jesus and believe, darkness cannot stand His light."

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