We Are Vessel Release 'Light Broke the Darkness'

Jul 28 2020

We Are Vessel release their new single 'Light Broke the Darkness' on July 27th, 2020. The single talks about the light of God dispersing the darkness instantly no matter the circumstance. It is impossible for any darkness or evil to live where Jesus is. This song sets as a reminder to never give up and sometimes you just need to submit and let the Light in and let it Him do his work.

We Are Vessel continues making big moves despite all the adversity that has come against lead vocalist Randall Broadhead. Still picking up the pieces of brokenness of losing both his parents last year and not having the chance to find his new normal he still continues to press on even though darkness continues to try and set in.

Randall Broadhead, front man and founder of WE ARE VESSEL, found himself at a crossroads in 2013 when his former band, October Glory, disbanded. He was not sure if moving forward in his music career was even an option or if he would have to go back out into the workforce. His heart and passion has always been music and serving the Lord. He knew that he needed to trust God and whatever he had in store for his future.

Around that time, his management offered him a new project as a lead singer… WE ARE VESSEL was born in 2013 and he went into the studio and started recording. In 2015, WE ARE VESSEL released their first single: “Can You Hear Me?”. In the coming years, WE ARE VESSEL recorded and released four more singles, all of which have charted in the Top 30! One of those singles, “The Broken One”, stayed in the top 40 for over an astonishing 40 weeks. In December of 2018, WE ARE VESSEL released their first Christmas EP… HARK!, as well as launched their first headlining Christmas tour… A Compassionate Christmas Tour. Most recently in 2019, WE ARE VESSEL released their second EP, titled Lift Your Voice. Their single “Without A Fight” reached number 7 on the charts. The band has been on many nationwide tours, touring all over the country and has been able to meet and pray with so many people.

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