Lecrae Releases 'The Road To Restoration' 3 Part Video on YouTube

Aug 25 2020

With his 9th studio album, Restoration, dropping on August 21st and the follow up to his New York Times best-selling book, I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion, But Gained My Faith, releasing on October 13th, Lecrae is giving fans a behind the scenes view of his life in The Road To Restoration, a 3 part video narrative posted on his YouTube channel ""Restoration is taking something broken and making it whole again," explains Lecrae. Through restoration we take something that has been stripped of its value and bring back its worth, meaning, and purpose. I want people to journey with me on The Road To Restoration. The journey begins with this 3 part video experience, then there's the album, Set.Live virtual concert, and book! Collectively they're all pieces of a puzzle and each piece helps you to understand the next. When all the pieces come together, you'll get the full picture."

The YouTube video series begins with The Road To Restoration: The Dreamer (Part 1) opening with a 14 year old Lecrae sharing his dream of growing up to become a rapper, family man, and businessman!' The irony of watching the young 8th grader, is not only did he become a rapper, but he would become a multi Grammy Award-winning platinum selling artist who made history as the first artist to debut in the #1 spot on Billboard's Top 200 and Gospel Album Chart in the same week! Now also husband and father of three, Lecrae adds New York Times best-selling author, entrepreneur, speaker, thought leader, philanthropist, and Co-Owner/President of Reach Records to his achievements.

While on the surface, it appeared that Lecrae was living his dream, secretly his life was spinning out of control. Ready to walk away from everything - his career, marriage, and family - Lecrae decided to finally face the traumas he had experienced, and deal with it, step by step. "The Road To Restoration is a window into my journey towards Restoration. It’s easy to think that life gets easier the more successful you get. But, the more successful I became the more I had to fight for something I couldn’t maintain. It broke me, but it also opened the door for me to be restored."

The second step of The Road to Restoration: Closing The Gap (Part 2) includes Lecrae meeting his father. "For the first time in my life I got to sit down and talk to my father face to face and I went through so many emotions seeing him but I'm thankful that I finally got to ask him all the questions I never got to ask. It was healing and now he texts me almost everyday!" The Road to Restoration: This Is Not The End (Part 3) shows how Lecrae is restoring his own family and the steps he's taken to prioritize them. "I used to be a creative who was taking time for the family but now I'm a family man who is fighting to stay creative," shares Lecrae! "Just being a young black man who was fatherless, lived in a disenfranchised community, I’ve been restored to understanding that my worth, my value is not predicated by where I came from, or what’s happened to me. I’ve been made whole through spiritual restoration, through my faith in God, through therapy and and recognize that I have infinite purpose and worth."

"Restoration is ongoing... an endless pursuit towards accepting what God has for you and trusting Him to lead you to what’s ahead," shares Lecrae. "It is the key essential for life. As painful as the things I've gone through, as painful as the things you've gone through, none of it is beyond restoration." The Road To Restoration video series also features appearances from: NBA All Star player Steph Curry, former NBA player Jeremy Lin, music industry executive & "Silence The Shame" mental health advocate, Shanti Das, Reach Records artists Tedashii, Grammy-award winning songwriter Natalie Lauren Sims, Pastor Leonce Crump and more.

Please continue on the journey and watch Lecrae's the three part video series, The Road To Restoration below and pre-order the album Restoration and book I Am Restored: How I Lost My Religion But Gained My Faith" today! The album features artists across all genres including John Legend, Kirk Franklin, YK Osiris, Jozzy, Dani Leigh, Marc E. Bassy, BJ The Chicago Kid and more. The first single “Set Me Free,” features YK Osiris (produced by GAWVI) and was followed up by “Deep End,” (produced by Anthony Gardner), “Drown” ft. John Legend (producers Danny Majic, DJ Frank E, and Ace Harris) and "Zombie."

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