Jenny Simmons - The Becoming


The Becoming


05 Feb 2013

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The name Jenny Simmons might be familiar to you. Jenny was the front-woman in the Texas based band Addison Road. But now it's time for this songsmith to release her first solo album, which she has titled The Becoming.

"I, I am right where I belong, don't have a place to call my own, cause with you I'm right where I belong" are the lyrics to the opening track 'Where I Belong'. Looking at the lyrics at first glance you could think it's attributed to a wife/husband or a boyfriend/girlfriend. Yet there is more to this singer that just fluffy happy...
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LTTM Awards 2013 - No. 8: Jenny Simmons - The Becoming

LTTM Awards 2013 - No. 8: Jenny Simmons - The Becoming

Voted in at Number 8 in the LTTM Awards 2013 is the album 'The Becoming' from Jenny Simmons. Title:The BecomingArtist:Jenny SimmonsType:AlbumReleased:05 Feb 2013 Track Listing:1. Where I Belong 2. What Faith's About…

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