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'Call 'Em Out' is an urban tune featuring the spoken word talents of NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE member, playwright, spoken word artist and m/c, Eric Leroy Wilson. Written and performed by Eric, with music by MOBO-award winning UK producer Tony Bean, this is a track of originality and substance.

With dynamic music and free verse poetry, “Call ‘Em Out” is unpredictable, melodic, with a hard-edged beat. Against a constantly building, almost mystical pulse, Eric delivers deep lyrics that channel the revered USA theologian/civil rights activist Howard Thurman. This is music with a...
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The Nine Beats Collective - Nine Beats To The Bar
Jun 21 2017

The Nine Beats Collective - Nine Beats To The Bar

NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE, a collaboration of world class musicians, artists and songwriters from across 3 continents (Europe, North America and Africa) explore the 'Beatitudes' on their new album 'Nine Beats to the Bar'. The…

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