Nine Beats Collective Release 'Wild World (Euro Remix)' Single Feat. Barry Taylor

Jan 08 2019

Nine Beats Collective have released a new single titled 'Wild World (Euro Remix)' featuring Barry Taylor. The track is Barry's self-penned and sung contribution to the critically acclaimed and much lauded NINE BEATS TO THE BAR album (Plankton Records. CD, digital & double deluxe vinyl), and is built on an old-school R&B vibe that grabs your attention and refuses to let go.

On an album packed full of truly great songs, ‘Wild World’ was one of those that leapt out and caught the attention of reviewers and radio programme planners alike. It was felt by Barry and the Nine Beats team that revisiting the track and remixing it would help with the up-coming promotional work in mainland Europe and the original album producer, and noted remixer, Tony Bean went back into the studio and created this brilliant ‘Euro’ remix which is now being released Worldwide right at the start of what is hoped to be an exciting landmark year for the whole NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE project

Barry is a theologian, professor, writer, cultural commentator, artist, musician, composer and famously had a faith epiphany when on the tech crew of AC/DC’s “Highway to Hell” uber-rock ‘n’ roll tour. As well as being a talented songwriter, he has composed movie soundtracks and produced his own albums.

He travels globally, speaking on issues related to the intersections of theology and contemporary culture. He co-authored A Matrix of Meanings: Finding God in Pop Culture and A Heretic’s Guide to Eternity and Entertainment Theology: New Edge Spirituality in a Digital Democracy.

NINE BEATS COLLECTIVE is a collaboration of world class musicians, artists, and songwriters who have come together from different continents, different cities, and different experiences, all on the trail of exploring the ancient wisdom of the Bible sayings known as ‘the beatitudes’. Their album NINE BEATS TO THE BAR is an eclectic soundscape of R&B, soul, rock/pop, acoustic threads, classical, jazz/funk, African vibes, and a hint of gospel. It's a haunting, a cry, a new beat. It's soul, adventure, lament, and rage. It's a love song. And most of all it's a movement.

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