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It's been a time of change for Hawk Nelson. The pop-punk band's front man recently left, and guitarist Jonathan Steingard took over the role of lead vocalist ahead of their forthcoming new album 'Made'. We caught up with the new lead singer to find out about the album and how the band have coped with the recent changes.

Tell us a little bit about your new album 'Made' and what the inspiration behind it was?

The idea for the album name came from a song on the record, also called Made. That song explores the idea that each of us was intentionally...
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Hawk Nelson Releases New Album 'Miracles'
Apr 08 2018

Hawk Nelson Releases New Album 'Miracles'

Hawk Nelson’s new studio album, Miracles (Fair Trade Services), is available now. The band’s eighth studio project features their current single, "He Still Does (Miracles)," which is currently heard on more than 60 stations -…


Hawk Nelson - Miracles
Apr 27 2018

Hawk Nelson - Miracles

Hawk Nelson have a new studio album out titled 'Miracles'. While working on this new album, Hawk Nelson found themselves reevaluating their mission and even questioning their future. According to frontman Jon Steingard, the new…


Hawk Nelson - Never Let You Down
Mar 17 2018

Hawk Nelson - Never Let You Down

Hawk Nelson is debuting a new lyric video for the song, "Never Let You Down," available today from the forthcoming album, Miracles, which releases April 6th.

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