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Guvna B is one of the UK's most exciting rappers. He recently became the first urban artist to top the Official Christian & Gospel Albums Chart with his latest album 'Odd 1 Out'. LTTM caught up with him to find out more about the album, and Guvna B also reveals plans to make his acting debut.

Tell us a little bit about your new album 'Odd 1 Out' and what the inspiration behind it was?

I'm excited that the album is out and doing well! It's all about taking pride in our God given uniqueness. Everyone on this earth has something special...
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Featured Album: Guvna B - Odd 1 Out
Jul 18 2013

Featured Album: Guvna B - Odd 1 Out

In the next episode of our new series of featured albums, we look at the latest release from Guvna B, titled 'Odd 1 Out'. MOBO award winning English rapper Guvna B has release his second studio album 'Odd 1 Out'. The…


Guvna B Announces Free Online Concert: 'Allo Mate Live 2020'
Dec 27 2020

Guvna B Announces Free Online Concert: 'Allo Mate Live 2020'

UK rapper Guvna B has announced the 3rd Annual 'Allo Mate Live' event, hosted by Guvna B in official partnership with YouTube. Filmed at Rich Mix, London, with performances from Happi, Shekinah, Marc Jones and Guvna B. The event…


Guvna B - Everywhere + Nowhere
Apr 03 2020

Guvna B - Everywhere + Nowhere

MOBO award winning UK rapper Guvna B has released his new album 'Everywhere + Nowhere'. The new album features his latest single 'Battle', plus a number of special guests. And those guests on here are some brilliant talents, the…


Guvna B - Mazza
Nov 23 2019

Guvna B - Mazza

Here is Guvna B's new single 'Mazza', out now.

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