First Album In Four Years For Jaci Velasquez With 'Diamond'

Nov 01 2011

Jaci Velasquez will release her first new album in four years with the launch of 'Diamond' on 7th February 2012. The eleven song album includes the first single 'Give Them Jesus', Spanish language track 'Con El Viento A Mi Favor', plus the title track 'Diamond'.

The Latin Pop singer has recorded albums in both English and Spanish in the past, and mixes the two languages on her latest release. Velasquez has sold over four million albums, including three Platinum and three Gold albums, and received seven Dove Awards. The singer resumes her music career after having taken time of to get married to fellow musician Nic Gonzales (Salvador) and have two children.

Jaci has recently signed a record deal with Inpop Records for the release of her new album. "I am so excited to be with Inpop", she says. "There are many new, creative, and talented faces in the Inpop family that I very much look forward to working alongside. This is in addition to a number of familiar faces that I have worked well with in the past, so it's like a family reunion, but better! The way I look at it, it's the best of both worlds."

'Diamond' Track Listing:
1. Diamond
2. Give Them Jesus
3. The Sound of Your Voice
4. Stay
5. Fall for You
6. Con El Viento A Mi Favor
7. Tell Me Again
8. Girl
9. Trust in You
10. Guilt
11. Good Morning Sunshine

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