Building 429 - We Won't Be Shaken
Last modified: 17 Jun 2013

Building 429 - We Won't Be Shaken
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Pop/Rock band Building 429 have released their sixth album, 'We Won't Be Shaken'. Working again with producers Jason Ingram and Rob Hawkins, Building 429 have recorded 10 new songs for this album.

In a recent exclusive interview with Louder Than The Music, the band said "A huge source of inspiration from the record came from a plaque on our manager's desk. The plaque said 'What would you attempt if knew you could never fail'. I saw that and realized we had never really fully embraced the opportunity to completely create a record with a fearless mentality. This record was our best attempt to make an artistically and spiritually fearless record, whilst maintaining the focus on delivering what our fans have come to love us for."

The album is packed with rousing anthems to inspire, build up and energize people into living their lives without fear of failure. First track 

Get Up thumps into life with drums that just pound out of the speakers. The guitars add some stylish swagger and this song has a classic rock n' roll feel to it. "It's time to get up" is the cry of the catchy chorus in this brilliant opener.

If you thought Get Up had a bit of attitude, then Bonfire takes the album to another level. This song has a slightly more modern drum beat to it and again has some great rousing lines, including "Lift up your arms so the world will know". This is a wonderful anthem about being a light in the world.

A simple, clean, acoustic drum beat is called for on Wrecking Ball. This track moves the vibe of the album on to a much fresher feel, with a different style to the opening two tracks. This song has a sound like a summers day with bright blue skies above.

The title track moves the listener back to the rousing anthem style of song, what I would count as classic Building 429; a catchy chorus with a hint of style and substance. The same could be said for the track Set A Fire, which again is the kind of song to encourage and motivate you.

Revolution moves the album from its earlier polished pop/rock sound back to the more rock n roll side with its classic rock stride and strut. The start to All I'm Holding has a very nice ambiance to it, with the opening verse well worth digging your teeth into.

The tracks Best and Worst and Blameless are another couple that are really stirring and exciting to listen to, and actually there are so many great songs on this album that I found it very hard to pick my top three.

This album has a great theme running throughout. During our lives we all can let our fears take over us, but what these songs do is try and inspire and encourage you to hold onto what God wants for your lives. To hear a whole album around this theme is fantastic. But what I loved most about all of this is the fact that Building 429 have put together an album full of strong songs that any artist would have been proud to have written. This is a classic rock album with a great meaning.

Review by Jono Davies

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We Won't be Shaken
Best And Worst
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