Jason Gray - Love Will Have The Final Word
Last modified: 06 Mar 2014

Jason Gray - Love Will Have The Final Word
'Love Will Have The Final Word' is the latest album from the brilliant Jason Gray.

The main sound of the album is of the acoustic genre, with most of the songs opening with an acoustic guitar of some sort, giving the album a fresh feel. The opening track Laugh Out Loud is a great joyful song, but it's the track With Every Act Of Love where Jason takes the album to the next level. There is something truly stunning about the whole song.

This albums flows very nicely and that is one of the album's strongest points. The fact that each song sits snugly next to each other. Not Right Now has some stunning guitar playing and this is also true for the title track Love Will Have The Final Word.

There are many standout moments on this album: The simple yet melodic As I Am is a lovely number, and the fresh acoustic sounding Begin Again is another treat. The song is about when you have come to the end and you've had enough, you can start again with God. This is a theme that runs through the album. Jason says, "It's an album that recognizes our loneliest of lows and our most hopeful highs. It's an album that knows when to show empathy, when to give advice, and when to just come alongside and grieve."

In many ways the topic of this album isn't the easiest to talk about, but Jason has worked hard to craft songs that tell a story and touch a sad heart. He deals with the topics of loneliness with maturity and dignity. He shows in these songs that God is always there, he doesn't shout it down your throat, he gently reminds you of God's love. Only honest and talented songwriters can do that.

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
Love Will Have The Final Word
With Every Act of Love
As I Am
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