'Scars and Straw' Christmas Production Touring The UK

Nov 20 2017

'Scars and Straw', an exciting Christmas production featuring music and specially-filmed narration and drama, is touring the UK over the next few weeks. The live music is performed by Andy Bromley and band and the film is a detailed look at the nativity story from the unique viewpoint of a modern-day Isaiah. The film, shot on location in New York, was written, produced and directed by Martin Clark and stars London Actor, Luke Waldock as Isaiah.

The film attempts to inform its audience about exactly why Christ came. Seven-year-old Maddy, a child-actress, helps reveal His Passion was very-present - even at His birth. Maddy gently leads the audience through this revelation by appearing in several sensitively-acted vignettes.

As the wonderful story unfolds, Isaiah’s words, ‘hot with the breath of God,’ guide people deeper into the mystery. Finally, a hugely powerful final act is disclosed.

Upcoming Shows:
Friday 24th Nov - All Souls, London
Sunday 17th Dec - Renewal Stratford, Stratford-upon-Avon
Sunday 17th Dec - Renewal Wroxall, Wroxall
Tuesday 19th Dec - Renewal Solihull, Solihull
(Further details: scarsandstraw.co.uk)

"Through the eyes of a child mystery mingles with majesty and timeless wisdom melts into wonder. Truly the unexplainable story of the riches of the divine grace gift, is accessed as it always must be through the profound simplicity of childlike trust. I commend the writings and craftsmanship of Martin Clark. In word, imagery and music he transports us back. Oh, to be childlike again" said Chris Bowater, Singer/Songwriter and UK Worship Leader.

"Martin Clark has brilliantly crossed over the line in this portrayal of an ancient prophecy brought to life. Clark unpacks a story of passion, intrigue, strength, and humility... confusing words to most, yet depicted in an earthy, tangible and relevant way through this creative spin on an age-old story... blue for a boy. A must-see this Christmas", said Mark Tedder, Singer/Songwriter and US Worship Leader.

"Scars and Straw - an ancient story that comes tumbling into our 21st century with a young girl, with songs, and a modern Isaiah narrating, in our own language, a re-telling, a remix, of the incarnation of Christ. As you watch and listen, you slowly become aware of a ring of authenticity about it, and then it creeps up on you - God is talking to you,", said Rev A. E. Hoare MA, Bible Scholar and Teacher.

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