Guvna B Releasing New Album 'Hands Are Made For Working'

Apr 24 2018

Double MOBO award winning London based Grime/Rap artist Guvna B has announced that his new album will be titled 'Hands Are Made For Working'. Released on 18th May, the album includes the singles 'Everyday', 'Been Hustlin' and 'Dun All The Hype', and is available for pre-order now.

"I was a pretty lazy kid growing up and my Dad would always say to me "Son, hands are made for working." It was his way of telling me that nothing comes easy in life, and if I don't work hard, I won't get much done or achieve anything worthwhile. He said a lot of things to me in his short life, but for some reason, HAMFW is the phrase that stuck", explains Guvna B.

"I'm passionate about putting out positive faith-based music that is relevant to culture today, while not shying away from talking about the tough times.

The album is currently the only album in the iTunes Hip-Hop pre-order charts without an explicit content rating. It'd be a massive statement if it got to number one so we're aiming for 1000 pre-orders. Join the squad by pre-ordering today.

Writing this album has been therapeutic for me in light of losing my Dad last year. I realise how important fatherhood is and how much a father figure can affect the trajectory of a young person's life.

HAMFW contains wisdom from lessons learned and reflections on finding hope and faith in difficult times. You could call it a 'coming of age' album and I hope you enjoy it."

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