Texas Progressive Indie Folk Band True Vision Release 'All by Grace'

Jul 13 2020

Newly formed Texas-based band True Vision released their first single, 'All by Grace' independently on July 7th. 'All by Grace' is the first of several singles to be released leading up to their debut LP, 'When Faith Sets IN', slated to be released in November.

'All by Grace' is a progressive indie folk song that is about finally breaking free from fears and anxieties and stepping into a place of confidence in faith through God’s grace.

True Vision is comprised of Edward and Rosie Guillen, a married couple who have been writing and making music now since 2015. Starting off by leading worship at a local church in Brownsville, Texas, they have now come to record their material independently in hopes that it will reach those who it needs to reach.

“We hope this music does for you what other music has done for us” has become a slogan of sorts for the band. Edward explains:

“We have been given the gift and ability to create music and sing together, and that’s not even the beginning of the blessings that God has bestowed upon our lives. When we say, “We hope this music does for you what other music has done for us”, we’re acknowledging that God uses his children’s talents to reach other children who have yet to be found, or who need empowerment and spiritual re-invigoration. There have been times when we have felt broken or depressed, then we hear an inspiring song and suddenly we are reminded of God and his power and grace. That’s God speaking through other people’s gifts. We hope our music can have that effect on people.”

Listen to 'All by Grace' on Spotify or wherever you get your music and stay tuned for more songs by T.V. over the next few months!

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