Interview: True Vision

Jul 13 2020

Texas-based progressive indie folk band True Vision, comprised of married couple Edward and Rosie Guillen, just released 'All by Grace', the first of several singles to be released leading up to their debut LP. Louder Than The Music spoke with Edward to find out how the duo make music together, and how they are inspired by everything from Mozart to 90's techno music!

For those who haven't heard of you before, can you tell us a bit about yourselves and how you got involved in making music?

I’m originally from Iowa and my fellow musician/wife, Rosie, is from North Carolina. We met here in South Texas in 2014 and were married in 2015, and have two children, Ahren and Zelda. She has her degree in music while I simply love it and love to create it. When we came together, making music just came naturally.

Tell us about your new single 'All by Grace' and what the inspiration behind it was?

It comes from a sincere place of wanting to be closer to God. I wrote it when I was coming into my own as a Christian artist, because before then I was involved in a lot of bands that didn’t really have a driving morale or message, we were just making music for the sake of it. So, when I made the conscious decision to write songs that have meaning and to give back to God what He has given me, this was among the first few songs that were made.

The single is taken from your forthcoming album, what more can you tell us about that release?

I can say that it’s a set of intimate, personal songs about loving God. Not personal in the sense of me singing about my specific experiences, but personal in a way that the lyrics reflect what was going on deep in my heart, and I believe those lyrics will reflect what a lot of other people feel deep down as well.

True Vision's album 'When Faith Sets IN' is slated to be released in November.

What message would you like people to take from your music?

First and foremost, the message that Jesus gave us. That as the song says, we can be saved all by His grace if we put our trust in His name. That is above all, the quest with our music. Beyond that, people have different experiences and interpretations of the music they hear, so whatever they take away from it will be their own personal thing, but I do hope that the music finds them well.

How would you describe your style of music and what are your influences?

We have so many influences and styles of music that we listen to. I mean, on any given day we can be listening to Mozart, Spanish folk songs, and 90’s techno music, all within the same hour. We’re just inspired by music in general. Stylistically I think we’re aiming for an aesthetic that doesn’t fall within any one genre. For example, this album we’re releasing has more of a folk/acoustic vibe with a little synth thrown in. Our next album is going to be mostly electronic.

If you could work with any songwriter, who would it be and why?

That’s a pretty tough question! Historically there are so many amazing writers that I would have loved to work with. I mean think of David and all the psalms he wrote! That would be quite something, working with the person who wrote most of the psalms. Those songs are so humane, so deep, at times full of grief and at times full of exuberant joy. If I were to pick an artist currently working today, I’m continually impressed by Josh Garrels’ writing and music.

How would you define success in your career as a band?

Success to me would be knowing that people have heard our music and made an impact in their life somehow, whether it’s 10 people or 100 people.

What is your favorite album of all time?

Wow. Another tough question! I used to look up “greatest of all time” lists regarding albums and I’ve listened to pretty much all of them. To choose my absolute favorite is near impossible. But I can give you a shortlist of records that made me think about music differently: “Born to Run”, “The Suburbs”, “A Liturgy, a Legacy & a Ragamuffin Band”, “In Rainbows”, “Casting Crowns”, and pretty much everything that Bifrost Arts has released.

You're stuck on an island, it's hot, you only have enough battery life left to listen to one song on your phone. What track is it?

Hmmm… At the moment, my answer would be “Here Now” by Freedom Church.

What does the next year hold for you?

Only God knows.

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