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Just Say Jesus


03 Sep 2013

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Kentucky-based rockers 7eventh Time Down have released their second album 'Just Say Jesus'. This album is the follow-up to their label debut, 'Alive In You', which released in 2011.

Wait For You is a very heavy driven guitar song. If you think of American out and out rock then this might be the best way of describing the band. I do love the line "Until the day you get back,I will wait for you".

From the heavy opening track we then move on to a much more mid tempo rock/pop track. Maybe pop isn't the best word but The One...
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7eventh Time Down

7eventh Time Down

Following the release of their new album 'Just Say Jesus', LTTM caught up with US rockers 7eventh Time Down for a brief chat about the new release, their inspiration, and of course - that unusual band name! For those who…

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