Sara Groves - Fireflies and Songs


Fireflies and Songs


17 Nov 2009


"I want you to enjoy God and the gift of songwriting,"

In Sara Groves' bio talking about recording her new album 'Fireflies and Songs', she tells of one of the first instructions Producer Charlie Peacock (Jon Foreman) gave her when they started recording. With that level of freedom in the project it is no surprise that an intensely personal album came out of the process.

Starting out with a weird vocal piano combination and bizarre lyrics I was a little worried but after reading the bio and Sara's own description of the album as a 'songwriters album' it began making...
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Sara Groves To Release 'Fireflies and Songs'

Sara Groves To Release 'Fireflies and Songs'

Sara Groves will release her new album 'Fireflies and Songs' on 17th November. The follow up to 2007's 'Tell Me What You Know', Sara Groves's latest project finds her reteaming with noted producer Charlie Peacock at his Art House…

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