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Sometimes it takes a road trip out to the Left Coast to figure out what you want.

Like most 20 year-olds leaving their nest and entering the real world, Hollyn has spent much of the past year laboring over that internal quest.

Unlike most 20 year-olds, she did it while spending much of that time performing a No. 1 hit radio single nightly in packed arenas worldwide, and amassing new fans like the Midwest collects snowfall in January.

“I’ve had to grow up a ton quickly,” Hollyn recollects. “One season, I’m a typical teenager living at home; the next, I’m moving to Nashville,...
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Sep 05 2019


Our Classic Album of the week is Hollyn's self-titled debut album! Have a Listen and tell us your favourite tracks!Title:HollynArtist:HollynReleased:16 Oct 2015Article: Gotee Records announces Hollyn, the newest addition to…


Hollyn Releases 6-Song EP 'Bye, Sad Girl.'
Sep 07 2019

Hollyn Releases 6-Song EP 'Bye, Sad Girl.'

Gotee Records' HOLLYN has released her 6-song EP, bye, sad girl. Throughout the summer HOLLYN released a new song each month that was accompanied by an animated video. Among these new tracks, “i don’t know if we can be…


Hollyn - bye, sad girl. acoustic
Oct 18 2019

Hollyn - bye, sad girl. acoustic

In September HOLLYN released her 6-song EP, 'bye, sad girl' to great success and in addition, she was planning on releasing 'bye, sad girl. acoustic' in October featuring six new acoustic recordings of the original EP. The day…


Hollyn - Hola!
Nov 14 2017

Hollyn - Hola!

Here is the new single from Hollyn titled 'Hola!'

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