Zoe Nites UK Urban Gospel Album Released

Feb 24 2021

The next instalment of Zoe Nites compilation album is presented in the form of UK Urban Gospel Nite, featuring leading UK Christian artists in the genres of Hip Hop, Grime, R&B and Gospel. The live event took place at the O2, watermargin with a stellar line up including Icie, Asha Elia, Tneek, Unique Creation, Melvillous and Oleado Ibe.

Zoe Records’ Zoe Nites is a monthly event showcasing leading and emerging Gospel music from the UK and Internationally, having hosted Bizzle and Datin of God Over Money. You can listen to compilation albums recorded at Zoe Nite’s including Sisters of Soul and Brothers with Soul and now UK Urban Gospel Nite on all digital platforms such as Spotify and Apple Music.

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