Switchfoot Releases New Single 'I Need You (To Be Wrong)'

May 07 2021

Switchfoot have released their brand new single 'I Need You (To Be Wrong)'. The song, available now on all streaming platforms, is destined for the US rockers forthcoming studio album.

"The past 14 months have been some of the most tumultuous times any of us have ever experienced", said the band. "Both personally and globally, this has been a season of doubt and confusion. I found myself lying awake staring at the ceiling, once again asking the big questions: What’s worth living for? How do you love your enemy? how do you find common ground with someone you disagree with?

For this album, we didn’t want to just write songs. We wanted to write feelings. And as we began to play this song together in our studio we felt like it got to the core of what we were feeling in 2020: Insecurity. Doubt. Fear. Who can I trust? Who am I?"

You say you know it all. I say, I think you’re wrong.
And you are. And so am I!
Which is to say that we all have a blind spot, we just don’t know what we don’t know. All along we both were wrong.
Maybe the good guy / bad guy dichotomy only works in kindergarten. That the truth is much more frightening: that I am Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde. Both. And so are you. And everyone else.
Maybe our enemy is not ignorance, but illusion. I need you to be wrong.

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