Heart Worship Release Brand New Single 'Still God (Through It All)'

Jul 05 2021

With their first release of 2021, Heart Worship release their new single 'Still God (Through It All)' on July 9th, 2021. Heart Worship is a new sound of modern worship emerging from Heart Church Nottingham, UK. With a heart to write songs that impact their congregation, all the songs written by Heart Worship are written within their community, sharing personal journeys and testimonies of God’s love, grace, and faithfulness. They are passionate about making God inspired music that point people to worship.

Still God (Through it All) is a song birthed from Heart Church Nottingham, sang by the church congregation in a season of hardship and questions faced by the whole word. The song has been part of the narrative of the church in the last 18 months and serves as a declaration that even in the fire, even in the storm, even in what seems like hopeless wreckage, we can still worship a God who is working it out for our good and never changes.

Speaking about the song, Heart Worship say, “This season has been one of difficulty for many of us. A season full of much doubt and many questions. Sometimes we are afraid to ask God questions, maybe we feel as though we need to put on a brave face and keep it quiet, not realising that he knows all our thoughts anyway. Yet it is in the questions that we give God the opportunity to remind us that he is still God. He teaches us that there is purpose to every pain, there is triumph to be gained from every trial, the story is still being written and he is forming something beautiful inside of us. He reminds us that through the questions, through the anxious thoughts, through the pain, through it all, he is Still God, and we can trust him.”

The hope for this song is that it would lead people to a place of worship. That it would remind those who feel disappointed, those who are facing great difficulty and those who have questions, that God has not left them, he is Still God, and he is still working on their behalf.

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