Ruth A Harris Releases 'The Great Escape' Aimed At The Young At Heart

Sep 28 2022

Ruth A Harris is a musician & songwriter from Birmingham, UK. She describes herself as an everyday mom, wife, daughter & friend who wants to share her music with those who want to listen. After a long break Ruth rediscovered her love for writing music in 2019, and since then has been on an adventure of writing, performing and production, releasing several songs during 2021 and 2022. She enjoys opportunities to stretch herself creatively and this has resulted in exploring writing and self producing songs in singer/songwriter CCM and Children's Genres.

She loves a wide variety of music- it's easier for her to name music she does not like. Ruth works in the area of Early Years and Special Educational Needs & Disability, and has a passion for facilitating communication- which you can often hear in her style of writing.

"The Great Escape" - out on 13th September 2022 - is Ruth's first release aimed at the young, and the young at heart. Ruth has spent many years working with children and young people, and so was keen to take up the offer to write a theme song for a children's holiday club based on Moses. This lively song takes you through the story of Moses and the Israelite's route to freedom. It reminds the listener that God is bigger than evil plans, our mistakes and that God hears us, in a way that's difficult to get out of your head!

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