Mr. Weaverface Announces His New Christian Rock single 'These Lungs'

Apr 24 2023

Independent Christian Rock Musician Mr. Weaverface announces the release of his new single, “These Lungs.” The song gives thanks to God for getting Mr. Weaverface through the tough trials of Covid.

“I ended up in the hospital with Covid pneumonia and a pulmonary embolism in my right lung,” Mr. Weaverface says. “I was on high flow oxygen for a little while. Fortunately my breathing became easier and I was released from the hospital after 9 days.”

However, after 3 days of showing improvement at home, Mr. Weaverface had a severe coughing fit in the middle of the night. The following day, he noticed that something didn't feel right and that his breathing was worse.

“I went back to the hospital,” Mr. Weaverface explains. “The good news was that my pulmonary embolism had resolved in my right lung. The bad news was that my left lung had collapsed and that there was also a large softball-sized lung cyst.”

The collapsed lung and lung cyst caused Mr. Weaverface to have two breathing tubes inserted into his chest. His hospital stay lasted another 15 days, but he was finally released.

“I still have some lingering breathing issues from all of that, like feeling short of breath,” Mr. Weaverface says. “I have been slowly improving, but I'm just thankful to God for being there and getting me through that horrible situation. I wanted to write a praise song that combined the suffering I went through and how good God is. Hopefully, the song will resonate with a lot of people who went through what I went through.”

On the song, Mr. Weaverface does vocals, bass and electric guitar. Drumming on the song is Timothy Jackson. The song was recorded, mixed and mastered by Jonathan Sambrick at Thornwall Studios in Lititz, PA.

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