Jamie Pritchard Releases 'Tapestry (Acoustic)' EP

Sep 20 2023

Singer songwriter Jamie Pritchard, from Poole, is releasing a new EP, ‘Tapestry (Acoustic)' on the 15th of September.

Following on from his EP ‘Tapestry’, with tracks such as ‘Brick by Brick’ (featuring on Spotify’s New Music Friday Christian), and ‘Tapestry’, ‘Shadowlands’, and ‘My Jesus’(receiving radio play on UCB1&2 respectively), Jamie is releasing a 6 track Acoustic version EP, with rootsy, stripped back versions of the songs, that allow the heart of the song to come through.

‘I’m so glad that we chose to do the acoustic version EP of the Tapestry record. I feel like this collection of recordings shows a different light on these songs, and almost gives the feel of what it’s like to hear these songs when it’s just me and a guitar live. I love how the message of each song is able to sit at the forefront of the listening experience, and I pray these songs minister to people in a deep way.’ - Jamie Pritchard

Like the EP ‘Tapestry’ that preceded the Acoustic versions all the songs on this record were produced by Grammy award nominated Nathan Jess, with Nathan himself featuring on the title track Tapestry (Acoustic), that was co-written by Jamie and Nathan.

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