Skillet - Rise
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Skillet - Rise
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Skillet are back after four years with a new album titled Rise
. Their last album Awake was recently certified platinum for sales in excess of one million copies in the US, and now there seems to be massive momentum behind this new release.

For me it's always seemed as though Skillet have been around for ages, releasing quality album after album. How a band manages to sustain solid releases year after year is beyond me, yet now it seems Skillet have gone to yet another level and grasped the attention of the mainstream.

After listening to Rise it can only be said that this momentum is set to continue. 
This is Skillet at their best and I'm sure these tracks will quickly become live favorites with their fans.

The album opens with two tracks that are classic high intensity thumping Skillet songs. Rise and Sick of It are two energetic songs that ooze controlled boldness and passion. If you're into distorted guitars these song will quickly become favorites. 

Good to be Alive is a track that is a little bit more mellow in contrast to the opening track. It's this kind of song that grabs the mainstream and I love the repeated simple chorus of "It's good to be alive. It's good to be alive". This is a summer anthem in the making.

The vocals on Circus For A Psycho must be pointed out as the way that John Cooper sings on this track is nothing short of brilliant. The vocals sound like they're just about to break, such is the velocity and passion in his voice. But the way he controls that passion, without just shouting, but actually portraying the message of the song is one of the highlights of the album.

This album is a great mix of hard hitting rock/metal tracks like Madness In Me, mixed with songs like American Noise and Hard To Find, which are slightly more mellow but still as strong. For the pure metal fans this more radio friendly kind of song may not be their cup of tea, but we do get to hear Skillet showing the world that they are more than just loud guitars and shouted vocals. This is a band who have great melodic tunes no matter how loud the guitars are played.

I have seen Skillet live and they rock as hard as anybody I have seen. These tracks on Rise will fit perfectly into their set-list. For me this album seems like a more mature album, not that they have grown up or changed who they are, but I feel the songs are much more complete and solid. There is more creativity on the album than I have ever heard on a Skillet album. This is a band who seem to be more happy in their own skin and this has produced top quality music for everyone to enjoy.

Review by Jono Davies

Standout Tracks
Sick Of It

Hard to Find
Circus For A Psycho
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